What is Consumer Loan Campaigns

The Fast Loan Campaign organized by the bank is the maximum TL to supply your needs that may arise suddenly. It can be used up to 25,000. Within the scope of this four-year maximum term, your loan application is evaluated on the same day. Loan applications can be made via SMS, Personal Internet Branch, Dialog, Mobile Banking and the Bank’s Website. If credit approval is obtained, it can be used immediately from the Individual Internet Branch and Dialog. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must be a member of Cream Bank Personal Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Dialog.

You can use your demand deposit account of your installments with the instruction you give for loan repayment. You can make an interim payment after the loan disbursement or you can make your loan completely closed.


Affordable Home Housing Loan

Home Housing Loan

It is one of the suitable mortgage loan opportunities that you can get support when you become a landlord. Within the scope of this loan, you have the chance to postpone your installments for the first three months. Naturally, you have to pay appraisal fee, home insurance, compulsory earthquake insurance and mortgage facility fee as credit expenses. These loan disbursement costs may vary according to the location, square meter and similar criteria of the house you will buy. The maturity of the mortgage loan to be extended as part of the campaign can be extended up to 120 months.


Public Employees Loan Credits

Public Employees Loan Credits

Which was created specifically for public employees, can be made available with a maximum term of 48 months. Appropriate interest rates are applied for customers who demand to open a Credit Deposit Account and get a Life Insurance at least as much as the loan installment amount. For this advantageous general purpose loan, you can apply to the nearest Cream Bank Branch with the necessary documents such as ID and Income Certificate.

Cream Bank did not forget retirees in these favorable loan campaigns. Maximum TL. To apply for this 5,000.- and 48-month term Happy Retirement Requirement Loan Campaign , you can leave a space between them and send an SMS to 3452 by writing “MINI, TC Identity Number, Income Information, Requested Amount”.


Happy Retirement Requirement Loan Campaign

consumer loans

It was prepared for higher loan amounts. You can also apply to the nearest Cream Bank Branch by preparing the necessary documents for this loan up to 48 months.

You can move your mortgage loan used by another bank to Cream Bank by taking advantage of the friendly interest rates and loan usage conditions of Dost Mortgage . Cream Bank Friendly Home Loan Campaign is very attractive with its favorable interest rates and flexible payment options. There are no allocation fees under the loan allocation conditions, and a loan term of up to 180 months can be applied. Appraisal fee TL. 650.- and mortgage facility fee TL. Specified at 155.76. In this loan package, the location of the dwelling, its square meter, etc. According to criteria, appraisal fee, home insurance and Compulsory Earthquake Insurance premium amounts may vary.

You can also transfer your consumer loans and credit card balances that you have used from another bank to Cream Bank. To this end, the Friendly Needs Loan is tailored exactly to your needs. It is sufficient to visit the nearest Cream Bank branch to prepare the necessary documents for loan transfer and to benefit from the credit with this extremely favorable interest rate up to 48 months.

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