Deadline for Credit Cards Date 31 December

There is a propaganda and warning issue that has been carried out by banks for about a month or two; an agenda has emerged regarding the issue that credit cards can no longer be used for online purchases if the user does not approve after 17 August 2017.

While citizens could not fully realize this agenda and issue; With a last-minute development on the subject, the date was extended to 31 December 2017 for this situation regarding credit cards. Now, for those who do not understand the subject, we will try to present it to you for what it means, by discussing it lengthwise.

What Happened to Credit Cards on August 17, 2017

Many times, both in the transactions we made from the ATM, in the information messages sent to us by our bank, and also in the internet and mobile banking platforms, we all received a text such as “I approve the online shopping with my credit card after 17 August 2017” and we were asked to confirm this. Most consumers who encounter this are; He was constantly shifting the subject by clicking the REMEMBER Later section, one of the options.

Then we said the last day came, but the time was extended again. If the time did not extend, let’s tell you what would happen. In this way, as asked by your bank; If you did not give a confirmation or if you did not call your bank and request that your card be open to internet shopping on this subject; After 17 August 2017, you would not be able to use your credit card for internet shopping. In fact, this sentence is the summary of the whole topic spoken, written and drawn.

What Will Happen Now on December 31, 2017

Directly without extending the subject; By 31 December 2017, by calling your bank or approving your bank’s offer, you will ensure that your credit card remains open to online shopping. The subject is so clear and simple.

New Credit Cards Will Be Closed To Internet Shopping

New Credit Cards Will Be Closed To Internet Shopping

When we look at the statements made by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) regarding the issue; we now see that new credit cards will be sent closed to internet shopping in this sense. People who want to change this will have the opportunity to shop online via credit cards with one of the easiest methods listed below.

Should I Open My Credit Card to Internet Shopping

At this point, of course, the decision is entirely yours. If you are constantly shopping from e-commerce sites or if you use your credit card as a means of payment online, it will be better for you to give your consent. However, if you do not deal with these works and use your credit card only in workplaces from POS devices, in this case, it will not be a case for you to stay close.

The Easiest Way to Open Your Credit Card to Internet Shopping

Of course, the simplest methods at this point are; your bank will have mobile banking and internet banking platforms. To do this, login to any of these two platforms with your customer number and password; You can make your Credit Card open to Internet Shopping in the SETTINGS section.

Those who are foreign to internet banking and mobile banking can call the customer service number of the bank they work for and transfer these requests to the relevant customer service representative.

In addition, your approvals will be accepted through automatic text messaging systems sent to you by your bank. If you cannot do all this, you can go to a branch of your bank and make a request as a last resort.

Is It Safe To Open A Credit Card To Internet Shopping

First of all, keep in mind that transactions carried out in virtual environments always have a slight security risk. To do this, do not shop from each website first. Do not download unfamiliar programs to your phone or computer. Also, try to use a virtual credit card as much as possible. You can set a limit for your internet shopping via internet banking, mobile banking or telephone banking.

You can apply this limit for the virtual credit card in the same way. For example; The limit of your credit card maybe 20 thousand, but by limiting the internet shopping limit to 1,000, you will limit your loss to 1,000 at least in a possible bad scenario. In addition, using the virtual keyboard as much as possible will mean minimizing your risk while entering your credit card information on the screens you will encounter regarding the payment you will make after your purchases.

In the final analysis; It is entirely up to you to choose whether or not to open your credit card to the internet. However, do not forget to take security measures in this regard, even if you will open it. Do not share your credit card information with anyone, even the most trusted ones.

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